Electroplating Services

Service means to me:

Act with competence and commitment to truly understand the customers business needs, to create value as a business partner. Provide the best quality support to my customers with a clear focus on green technology. I work independently form any suppliers and organisations for the industry! I offer my services to end users as well as suppliers and research institutions of the entire electroplating industry.


Please contact me for your inquiry and I will be happy to reply as soon as possible!

How can I help you with your business?

Process cost analyse & reduction

  • Cost analyse on the full plating process and on single process steps

  • Throughput - mileage analyse of single process steps

  • Efficiency analyse of plating equipment

  • Cost reduction

  • etc. ...

Trouble shooting

  • Your plating process does not give the quality you expect

  • Your customer has claimed that your electroplating product is of poor quality

  • Your plating chemistry consumption is much to high

  • Your electroplating supplier can’t find the reason for faulty production

  • etc. ...

Finding the right process for your production

  • You are planning to install a new electroplating process

  • You are looking for a less costly electroplating process

  • You are looking for a greener electroplating process substitute

  • You have to install a further electroplating option

  • etc. ...

Project management

  • You would like to install a new electroplating line with state of the art technology

  • Your electroplating equipment has come in the years and needs refurbishment

  • You would like to offer additional electroplating finishes but which ones

  • You are going to start up a new electroplating plant

  • etc. ...

Interim management

  • Change management

  • Management consultancy

  • Specialist skill requirement

  • Additional resource for additional support

  • etc. ...

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