Electroplating Consulting Services

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Welcome to my website!


Electroplating to me is:

"Passion for technology and innovation."


During my more than 38 years of experience in the electroplating industry I am honoured to be part of a massive development in many different fields of plating.

I enjoy working with many different people and companies around the globe, what gives my worktime even more quality.

Thank you to all customers and colleagues for your business and loyalty over the years and for the future.


Let´s work together!


Decorative, functional, precious, pretty, resistant, protective, light, conductive, valuable …

That’s why electroplating is fascinating and simply a wonderful technology!


1. There is no electroplating
    without a solution!

2. There is no electroplating
    problem without a solution!


    Let´s work with solutions!


With my strong focus on sustainable technologies, I support the industry by finding the most suitable processes for their products to reduce the environmental footprint to future generations.